Author: Jasmina Mrso

Jasmina Mršo is an expert in working with political parties and political foundations. Currently the international officer of Nasa Stranka, a social-liberal party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, she also serves as the Secretary-General for the Liberal Southeast European Network - LIBSEEN. Adding to her credentials, she has served as an elected local councillor in Sarajevo. A skilled capacity-building trainer, moderator, and experienced author and editor, Jasmina has collaborated with numerous local and international organisations and political networks. Her expertise particularly shines in training politically engaged women to realise their aspirations, evident in projects like the Initiative 50% and the Balkan Women’s Academy, where she works as a trainer. She is also a member of the Alliance of Her Advisory Board. Jasmina describes herself as a 'political nerd' with a special interest in gender equality and women’s political participation, development cooperation, European geopolitical awakening, and EU enlargement.