We know WHY political parties need to change, and WHAT they need to change.

But what we know too little about is the HOW. 

The first PartyParty Summit aims to change that. 

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The Summit will be unlike any comparable event or conference

Interactive and entertaining by design

Discussion-focused exchange formats, no panels

Diverse and global group of participants

Highly practical, no meta discussions

Safe space to reflect on experiences and challenges

"We have been working with political parties and the organisations that support them for over a decade. Like you, we know the challenges and the untapped potential. With the inaugural PartyParty Summit, we aim to unlock opportunities and provide a unique global learning format for collaboration, networking, knowledge sharing, increased visibility, and alliance building. We would love to welcome you on board!"

Josef Lentsch, Founder 

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In autumn 2024, Barcelona will become the global centre of Party Assistance


In 2024, the first PartyParty summit will take place in Barcelona, the first European Capital of Democracy. The Summit will be a 1.5 day-long conference with a global audience of 300 participants, consisting of people working

Around politics

Representatives of foundations, international organisations and think/do-tanks

Experts, trainers, coaches and representatives of other stakeholders (e.g. NGOs, academia)

For politics

Representatives of political parties on the national and international 

In politics


The event will change how participants think and act

The PartyParty Summit 2024 will focus on five key party issues:

Mapping the state of the art

Identifying the gamechangers

Sharing good practices

Charting the future

Building a community for better c
oordination and collaboration


Party assistance faces a legitimacy challenge

We know WHY political parties need to change. We even have a pretty good idea of WHAT needs to change. But what we know too little about is the HOW.

Most party reforms fail, and a lot of party assistance has no clear impact. This creates a legitimacy challenge for the work we do. There is much to be learned from both failures and successes. But there is currently too little systemic learning between key actors across continents and political families


Josef Lentsch
Founder PartyParty

"Political parties are crucial to the future of democracy. With the Summit, we will chart a way forward how we can help them even better.”


Ⓒ Calvin Leander

Ⓒ Calvin Leander


Party assistance has multiple contexts and goals

On a global level, party assistance differs substantially:

Some programmes are  linked to one political party or 
movement, others are multi-organisational

Authoritarian contexts pose very different challenges 
to democratic ones

Long-term partnerships versus short-term interventions

Local presence versus 2 "fly-in, fly out"

Formats vary, like strategic advice, training, convening,
or provision of resources

Party assistance operates on different levels
local, regional, national and international


Behind the Summit

PartyParty is the top source for political professionals, vital for those working in politics, parties, and election campaigns. We tell stories from the perspective of the people inside the machine rooms of politics - non-partisan, practical, and across borders.

Ⓒ Calvin Leander

summit 2024 

The present and future of Party Assistance

Barcelona - September 2024

Ⓒ Sebastian Philipp

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Edward Strasser
Partner & Co-Founder Innovation in Politics Institute

"Together with you, we will convene organisations who assist political parties to improve the lives of citizens around the world.”