Embark on a transformative journey with us as we explore the intricacies of crafting winning election campaigns in the modern era: the art and science of political strategy with Martin Burgr.

Seize this unique chance to gain insights from one of the most accomplished campaign strategists in the European political sphere.

6th, December 2023 / 4:00 PM (CET) / Limited Capacity

Master the Art of Political Campaigns with a Renowned Strategist

Dive into the world of high-stakes political campaigning with Martin Burgr, a distinguished advisor and strategist behind several groundbreaking campaigns. Martin's expertise has shaped the outcomes of key political figures, including the election of Zuzana Čaputová as Slovakia's head of state and the successful campaign of Bratislava's mayor, Matúš Vallo. Recently, he played a pivotal role in the team of presidential candidate Petr Pavel, focusing on enhancing online communication strategies.

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Unlock the secrets of election victory: 

The PartyParty masterclass with Martin Burgr

Online Masterclass with Martin Burgr

What you'll experience

  • Elite insights: Gain first-hand knowledge from Martin Burgr's rich experience in driving successful political campaigns across Europe
  • Interactive learning: Engage in a dynamic session of expert talks, a Q&A segment, and a hands-on exercise, all designed to elevate your campaign skills.
  • Limited availability: With limited spots, this masterclass offers an intimate learning environment for personalised interaction and networking.

Why attend?

  • Learn from the best: Absorb invaluable strategies and tips from a mastermind in political communication.
  • Exclusive access: Limited participant numbers ensure a focused and high-quality experience.
  • Practical skills: Walk away with actionable insights and tactics that you can immediately apply to your campaigns.

More than just a masterclass

  • Valuable follow-up: Receive a detailed evaluation survey post-event to maximise your learning.
  • Join a network: Connect with the PartyParty community for ongoing support and insights.

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