Join us for an exclusive live-streamed panel discussion as we gaze into the future of European political parties in anticipation of the upcoming EU Election 2024.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn from the General Secretaries of Europes' major parties.

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Together with the Secretary Generals of prominent European political parties, we will delve into the crucial topics that political professionals can expect to encounter in the years ahead.


- How do European parties prepare for the European Election in 2024
- The impact of European regulations on national-level campaigning

EU Election 2024: A look Ahead

28th June, 11:00 am CEST

EU Election 2024: A Look Ahead

Online live panel with the general secretaries of Europes leading parties

Thanasis Bakolas, Secretary General, EPP
Giacomo Filibeck
Executive Secretary General, PES
Didrik de Schaetzen
, Secretary General Interim, ALDE
Benedetta de Marte
, Secretary General, EGP

Host: Josef Lentsch, PartyParty

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Thanasis Bakolas

Didrik de Schaetzen

Benedetta de Marte

Giacomo Filibeck

Josef Lentsch